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Documents, Photos, and Other Media: John Cleese PSA's
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Documents, Photos, and Other Media

As relevant documents, photos, or other media files come to be available and might be useful to committee members, APA members, or the general public, the committee will post them here on this site. For a first example, there were audio recordings made for the Centennial of the American Philosophical Association. They feature John Cleese, who kindly read the public service announcements posted here below.

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A photograph of John Cleese, who generously helped to create public service announcements for the APA's centennial celebration.Public Service Announcements by John Cleese

The following public service announcements were created to celebrate the centennial of the creation of the American Philosophical Association. The APA was founded in 1900. Some history of the association can be found on the APA's Web site. Each of the following audio files is approximately 1.5 megabytes or smaller in size.

1. What Philosophers Do

12. Bakes No Bread

2. No Science of Everything

13. Socrates

3. Present

14. Aristotle

4. Information

15. Dreams Fulfilled

5. Meaning of Life

16. Character

6. Billion Dollars

17. What to Do

7. Grass Is Greener

18. Ideas Transform

8. Celebrities

19. Twenty-First Century

9. MLK, Addams, and De Beauvoir

20. Neighbors

10. Uniformity

21. Fear of Death

11. Mystery and Politics

22. Want and Satisfaction

You can click here to download a zipped file containing all of these audio clips.

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Thumbnail photo of tools.Committee Tools

The committee may choose to use this space here to post various items useful for the group's operation. For now this space is simply a holding space for possible use in the near future.

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