Photo of a road leading all the way to the horizon.On the belief that the broader presence of philosophy in public life is important both to our society and to our profession, the basic charge of the committee will be to find and create opportunities to demonstrate the personal value and social usefulness of philosophy.

The work of this committee, which will be coordinated wherever possible with the work of the other APA committees, is expected to include the following kinds of activities:

1. Organize and support programs that demonstrate the personal value and social usefulness of philosophy, such as suitable lecture series, and radio and television appearances by philosophers.

2. Organize and support programs that bring public attention to philosophy and philosophers, such as book signings.

3. Establish ties to national and local media.

4. Prepare appropriate news releases for the divisional meetings of the APA and for other events of philosophical significance.

5. Serve as a conduit so that media and other inquiries can be channeled to appropriate individuals in the profession.

6. Create or support the creation of audio tapes and videotapes useful for calling attention to philosophy and for garnering support for philosophy.

7. Encourage APA members to engage in public debate about significant issues by such means as sponsoring op-ed essay contests.

8. Establish contact with politicians, civil servants, and opinion makers to impress upon them the full scope of the contributions philosophers can make.

9. Make common cause with ethics institutes and other organizations in promoting the engagement of philosophy with broader publics.

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You can visit the American Philosophical Association's Web page concerning the Committee on Public Philosophy here.